Vision and Mission of Bossier Elementary

The Vision of Bossier Elementary:
Bossier Elementary is a school of excellence in which everyone is safe, respected, valued and celebrated. Together we create 21st Century thinkers who continue to achieve success and are innovative in their thinking. Through collaborative efforts with teachers, parents, and the community, we empower culturally aware individuals to become motivated leaders. 

The Mission of Bossier Elementary:
Every Child, Every Day, Whatever It Takes!

Vision and Mission of BPSB

Vision Statement: WIN the Day; Every Student, Every Way 

Mission Statement: We EMPOWER All Through...Engagement | Motivation | Purpose | Opportunities | Welcoming | Excellence | Relationships

Vision and Mission of Well-Being

Vision Statement: The Bossier Parish School Board is an inclusive, equitable, and safe community committed to cultivating individuals who are compassionate, confident, resilient, and motivated life-long learners.

Mission Statement: Our mission for our students is to develop the social emotional skills of self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.